How To Decorate Champagne Glass Cookies For New Year’s Eve

How To Decorate Champagne Glass Cookies For New Year's Eve

After creating a set of beer glass cookies for my friend Thom Pastor‘s forthcoming book, Desert Loves Beer, I decided to make a similar design for my New Year’s Eve cookies. (I’m saving the beer glass cookie tutorial for Father’s Day!)

Here’s what you’ll need for this project:

Roll out cookie dough (my Orange Vanilla Spice recipe is available in my tutorial shop
Champagne glass cookie cutter (or something similar that you can modify like I did with this margarita glass cookie cutter)
Flood consistency royal icing
Scribe tool
Decorating tips 1 and 2
White sparkling sugar

Golden champagne = Wilton brown + golden yellow
Gray = Americolor black + golden yellow

Learn how to decorate champagne glass cookies for your New Year’s Eve celebration! See the full project on my blog:

COOKIE and ICING RECIPE in my tutorial shop:

Royal icing consistencies:

Decorating products:

Baking and storage of cookies:

Share your cookie creations with me!
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Music courtesy of Audio Network. Hark The Holidays by David Tobin

Auld Lang Syne by Paul Mottram


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