How to Diagnose Draining and Motor Problems in a Dishwasher

How to Diagnose Draining and Motor Problems in a Dishwasher

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In this video, Josh explains some of the common draining problems and motor problems that can occur in your dishwasher and how to resolve them.
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  2. I have a hotpoint dishwasher that constantly drains. the display shows a fault code of Al01. I have removed the Base plate and checked for leaks there is no leaks. the float switch is in the correct position. I have checked all pipes and the motors for blockages which there are none. could you please help. Thanks

  3. espares thanks Josh for a brilliant video it saved me 200 quid and what you said and showed us was exactly had happened a little chip x2 off a cup had blocked the pump, IF I NEED ANY SPEARS, i will forsure come to you, working again and quieter than before, 1 week without a dishwasher was hell ……….:-))))))))

  4. Do you have any idea why my old Candy Futura is stopping about a half way through the program and it gives alarm beeps. Everything seems to be okay. When the water comes in I can hear weird noise (like spattering or something). It works properly when it's on quick wash (besides that spattering sound)

  5. Thanks for this video it is really help full. I have established that my dishwasher under tray was full of water, the only thing is I can't find any evidence of a leek. The only water I can find is condensation on the underside of the salt tank. Is it possible the water in the tray could just be this condensation dripping down over the period of 10 or so years?

  6. Josh,
    Thanks for all your help. My inclination is that it is the control board. I'll open it up and see if I can get a number off the board itself and search for one online. If not it is going to dishwasher heaven via the dump.


  7. Hi,
    The flow sensor you mention – is that the impeller jug? As that is on the input side would this keep it in empty mode?

  8. Hi,
    I understand what you are asking – I even checked on the Bosch website which says it is etched into the door surround – this thing is cleaner and more polished than the crown jewels – but there is no etched model number on the door? Driving me mad.

  9. Its a Bosch Classixx but there is no model details etched into the door and I cannot see anything else anywhere on the machine

  10. Hi,
    The drain hose in not blocked – if I pour water into the base it pumps out straight away. When you mention pressure switch is that in the drain side? Where would that be located.Thanks

  11. Hi,
    Thanks for the answer – it does not fill at all. The drain pump runs for 30 seconds, stops for 10 seconds then repeats – it seems like it is stuck in the initial empty mode and does not get past this – it does not run constantly – it is the 30 secs pause for 10 then repeat.?

  12. Hi,
    I have a Bosch Classixx dishwasher – the problem is regardless of which program you select the drain pump runs for 30 seconds, stops for 10 seconds then repeats – it does this over and over never getting to the fill cycle. There is no water in the dishwasher and the float switch underneath is not activated. I beleive it is meant to do this 4 times when you run a program to make sure there is no residual water in it but it never stops. Any ideas?

  13. Espares, I have done running the machine empty with all the cycles, cleaned the filter, spray blades everything you can imagine but my dishes still coming out dirty. And I do put dishes almost clean which makes me think why do I need dishwasher to wash the dishes. I have a Samsung dishasher( believe me I did not pick this one my preference would be Bosch) and it does not have salt dispenser. Can I put the salt on the bottom of the dishwasher every time I run a cycle? Thanks!

  14. Hi, I have a samsung dishwasher it came with the house we bought so I don't know the exact model. My problem is my dishes come out dirty. I have cleaned the filter, spray arms etc but I still get dirty dishes. The bottom of the tea cups look like as they have been sprayed dark sand and around them tea stains. What shall I do to sort this? Thank you. By the way, We do have hard water.

  15. My dishwasher of about 2 years was functioning well but now appears to have a drainage problem. When dishwasher tries to drain only a small volume of water comes out of the drain hose in one spurt (approx. 200ml), then after a pause of about 30sec machine tries again, with same result. Dishwasher does this about 4 times then gives up and displays the error message OE (washing motor or drain pump failure). If I drain manually by opening the door and removing the water (scoop and bucket) the machine then continues to the rinse cycle.
    After watching your video I was inspired to investigate further however getting access to the drain pump was no easy task. On my model (LG D14020WHS) there is no base plate, instead I ended up having to invert dishwasher on to its top then remove screws on front and back and both the side panels to then get access inside from the side. After identifying the drain pump and managing to release the hose tension clamps I could remove it however no obstruction was found in the drain pump and the impeller turned freely. The only potential problem was the electrical resistance across the motor terminals measured 4ohms instead of 200ohms as you mention in the clip. Also verified the flapper valve on the sump outlet was fine.
    Reassembled dishwasher and ran it through a cycle but same problem. I would appreciate if you could give me any other troubleshooting suggestions regarding the drainage problem. Also a search of your website I didn't find any spares for my dishwasher, possibly because it is a French model and the model number is different in the UK
    I get the distinct impression that my model of dishwasher is designed to prevent simple disassembly for accessing and replacing parts (contrary to EU regulations), thereby also putting you guys out of business. I would recommend to anybody when prospecting for a new dishwasher to check accessibility to the machine base to be able to replace parts instead of having the chuck the whole machine when problems arise. If the dishwasher has a solid molded plastic base then avoid buying it!

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