How to Do a Crunch Correctly, Ab Exercise, Fit How To

How to Do a Crunch Correctly, Ab Exercise, Fit How To

The crunch is a classic abdominal exercise, but while you’re toning your abs you might be crunching your spine. Learn how to correct your form to work your abs more effectively while protecting your back with this quick video. Happy crunching!

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  1. oh wow, that is totally NOT what i learned on P.E. back in the day! ty! that seems so much easy and less spine breaking :o

  2. Good video, I just want to emphasize something.

    In most exercises, we are encouraged to keep our backs straight. But not with this exercise. I used to keep my back straight during the whole motion of the crunch (I do weighted crunches for bodybuilding) and I would feel lower back pain. Then I realized you have to contract your abs, so that they curl up. With a straight back comes straight abs. Don't do this. The lower back should only leave the floor or bench (or whatever surface you're using) later on in the crunch, not right from the beginning.

  3. My butt be in the way trying to do the hand behind head. I can't keep my back st8t with it in the way … Need tips.

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