How to Do a Narrow Squat | Thighs Workout

How to Do a Narrow Squat | Thighs Workout

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Hey, this is Layla, and I’m going to show you how to do the narrow squat.

For the narrow squat, you’re going to bring your feet together, and we’re just going to squat straight down from here. You’re going to shoot your hips all the way back, keeping the weight in the heels. You’re going to push those hips all the way back. Squat down, and then just press it straight up. You’re going to take it down and up.

Very simple exercise here. Also working the entire thigh area. You’re going to feel this in the back of the legs, the hamstrings, the glutes, the quads, and the inner thighs. Bring those feet together. Push the hips back. Make sure the knees stay aligned with the ankles as you squat all the way down and then take it right back up.

You’re going to feel this a lot in those quads and the inner thighs. As you squat down and as you come up, you’re going to drive through your glutes and the hamstrings. That gives you the total thigh work effect.

Down and up. That’s how you do the narrow squat.


  1. *facepalm* you, according to your channel, seam to know a lot about fitness. but do not know what your forearm muscles control -.-

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