How to Do a Proper Army Push Up

How to Do a Proper Army Push Up

Whether you’re prepping for basic training or you just want to maximize your work out, knowing how to do a push up will come in handy. See the proper procedure for doing a military push up.


  1. Really? So you count a push up each time you are up or down? I thought you count one when you're up and two when you're up again and so forth. Is this the way you count your push ups on the APFT? If so, I can do more than I thought I could lol

  2. Video shows terrible push-ups. Marine Corps Push-ups are better. Why?
    1. Back should be straight.
    2. Chest or chin should touch the ground
    3. Go up until arms are straight

  3. When you're doing a push-up you want to keep your body straight. This guys back is sagging so much in the middle I wouldn't count his push ups. You do this by flexing your core and "sucking" your stomach in to keep your lower back from sagging like that.

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