How To Do A Push-Up: Proper Form & Technique

How To Do A Push-Up: Proper Form & Technique Here’s how to do a push up with proper form every time by following a 7 step checklist. Every rep will be perfect when you apply these pushup tips.

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  1. Our sports teachers in school always wanted us to have the hand only shoulder width apart, but I cannot do even one push up that way. When I spread the arms a bit more, I manage to do about 5 (I'm still weak). Is that normal?

  2. how do you know if your arms are the same width apart? when i do push ups i feel i am putting more pressure on my right arm than my left

  3. Hey, I'm keeping my wrist below shoulders but still my shoulder is getting a lot of pressure, so I just wanna know that it's normal or I'm doing it wrong?

  4. 2:13 he says that mma fighters strike with the outside of the hand. This is wrong. Boxing/striking convention is to punch with the first two knuckles. You are way more prone to injuring your hand if you hit with the outside two.

  5. Ha if it hurts the next day and you keep going and going then going so many times it will get easier. Aka results bitcheeeeezzz

  6. gdjb bro .. i hav a quetion .. i m goin 2 the gym for 2 months .. my 1st goal is to hav plain @slim belly ,, not six pack , not big muscle , nothing just slim belly can u hlp me pls ?

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