How to Do a Squat | Sexy Butt

How to Do a Squat | Sexy Butt

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How to do squats for a sexy butt.

I’ll show you first. You’re just going to stand with your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart. You just squat straight down sticking those hips all the way out, press through the heels to bring it back up. Take it down and up. Just like that.

You’re feet are a little bit wider than shoulder width apart. When you squat, you’re going to make sure that your knees stay inline with your ankles. You push your hips all the way back. This gets really deep into your butt, your glutes, the back of the legs, which is your hamstrings. When you squat down as you come up, you’re going to press through those heels, really focus on pushing the weight back, pressing through the heels. That’s what’s going to target the butt more than the quads and everything else. You squat all the way down, and then you dig through those heels to push it all the way back up.

It’s really important to make sure that you push those hips back. Sometimes people will bring their knees forward and squat down like this. This is bad on the knees, and it doesn’t target the butt. If you want that sexy butt, you’d better stick that butt back and dig through those heels and push it back up. Make sure, just really focus on form, pressing those hips all the way back and digging through those heels as you come up.

That’s pretty much it. I’ll show you again, a little different angle here. Squatting all the way down and up. Down and up. Just like that.


  1. You should get below parallel to really hit full range of motion when doing squats. You'll notice it feels different and it's harder to add on weight when working with a barbell as well. Lots of people pack on weighted barbells doing partial squats because it's easier then atg squats.

  2. Im sorry but her legs are not going parallel to the ground so she isn't getting the full benefits of squatting! 

  3. You know what, who actually CARES about this series? Don't answer if you're just here for the series' title. -_-

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