How to do a Squat – Vicky Justiz

How to do a Squat - Vicky Justiz

Correct form is extremely important when doing these exercises to get the best results and avoid injuries. Practice them a few times and make sure you have the form down-packed before you continue with any of the workouts.

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Filmed at Iron Flower Fitness Gym


  1. Love Vicky so much better than Jen Selter. Vicky actually shows how she does her routines and workouts and is very helpful unlike Jen. Love your videos, Vicky :)

  2. I love your videos, thanks for sharing your knowledge, I'm your fan from Mexico City.

    May you have much success, kisses!

  3. It's also ok to put your legs further apart and your toes pointed a bit to the outside because for some people it's difficult to squat down and have a good form at the same time. Don't forget that it's more easy for women to squat down than for men.

  4. Seems like she breaks at her hips first, if you break at your knees first keeps you back front falling forward. Anyway she looks awesome! Good job!

  5. Actually the part about having your knees behind your toes is a myth. Some people aren't able to actually have their knees behind their toes because their bodies are built in a different way. The most important thing is, as you said, keeping the weight in your heels and have the correct form otherwise and really feel that the back of your legs is working rather than the quads! 🙂 

  6. Hey Vicky I love your videos on all you're channels I watch and like them all, but Vicky can you please tell me where can I get those white shorts from that u be wearing?? Please and thank u 

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