How to Do a Squat with Weights | Sexy Butt

How to Do a Squat with Weights | Sexy Butt

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How to do a squat with weights for a sexy butt.

So, pretty much same thing as the previous video about how to do a squat, except now we’re just adding a little bit more resistance, a little bit more to the squat. So you can do this with the weights in your hands by your sides, same form as the squat, your feet are a little bit wider than shoulder width apart, you come all the way down and your squat sink low, sink those hips all the way back, and then dig through those heels to press it up.

You can start off with the weights like that, or you can bring them onto your shoulders here as well, whichever is more comfortable for you, sink those hips all the way back and push it up. You can do this with whatever weights are comfortable for you.

Usually, you want to start off just with the regular squat. Once you advance and you feel like, you know, you’ve been doing, you’ve been squatting and stuff like that, and you can always add weights, so you can start off lighter, then go heavier.

So again, you can keep the weights by your side and just squat straight down and up, or you can place some on your shoulders here, again pressing, squatting down and up. And that’s how you do squats with weights for a sexy butt.


  1. Horrible form, horrible weight, seriously, unless you're a small child you should be able to do ALOT more than 20 lbs….

  2. this video is not complete.  you need to tell girls how many reps to do, how many sets to do, when to increase the weight, etc.  

  3. People watching for a proper squat tutorial do not look at this, look at a powerlifter like Chelsealifts who squats properly and squats heavy 

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