How To Do A Squat/Pike On With Coach Meggin!

How To Do A Squat/Pike On With Coach Meggin!

Get closer to that squat on with these tips…could also help with a kang in parkour. Training with a gymnastics coach and stuntwoman is fun! FACEBOOK FAN PAGE Other video tutorials you might like…how to glide kip how to do a front hip Train At Your Own Risk! I will not be responsible for any injuries


  1. Thanks so much Coach Meggin! I did one for the first time yesterday on the uneven bars and I was so exited!!! :-D

  2. Hi Coach Megan! Can you do a video on getting used to grips? I can only use grips for certain skills, any skills that require wrist flicking, I don't like wearing my grips and I can't get comfortable with them. 

  3. When i do my squat ons, i have a hard time keeping my knees together, how to i keep them together? Great video btw, you really help!

  4. can u make a video of u squating on to the high bar( i mean tips for jumping to the high bar) my coach says im doing it wrong

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