How to Do Perfect Push-Ups: Best Way for Chest, Triceps and to Increase Your #

How to Do Perfect Push-Ups: Best Way for Chest, Triceps and to Increase Your #





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Everyone should learn how to perform push-ups correctly. They have many benefits to them including.

1. Improving pressing strength
2. Strengthening the shoulder girdle
3. Excellent bodyweight fat loss exercise
4. Great measurement tool of overall fitness

As a rule, everyone of my client has to be able to perform 25 legitimate push-ups, including women!

Whether your goal is fat loss or building muscle, pushups should be in your routine.

To go over the basics of form:

1. Hands slight below chest and slightly wider than shoulder width. Fingers open
2. Pinch the shoulder blades together as you come down and explode up with the elbows at 45 degrees
3. Body straight, core tight!

If you want to improve your push-up power (which you should, why shouldn’t you!) There are three things to do.

1. Do Push-Ups more frequently. Don’t train to failure but everyday perform many push ups to become proficient with them. Proper form done repeatedly equals scary results!

2. Perform an Iso-hold pushup. When doing push-ups hold at the bottom for a brief second to prevent the stretch reflex from occurring to build more explosive strength

3. Close-Grip Push-ups to build tricep strength which is fundamental to pressing and pushups together

Putting this program together will yield the following, which as long as you ARE NOT sore, can be done EVERYDAY until you can do 25 perfect push-ups (or more- guys should be able to do 50 in one stretch minimum!)

A Close-Grip Push-Ups Max Rest 60 secs, three sets
B Iso-Hold Push-Ups Max Rest 60 secs, three sets

C Regular Push-Ups Max Rest 90 secs, four sets

There you have it, super simple: remember, DO NOT reach the point of failure. Stop as soon as the reps start to turn ugly!

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  1. i dont get it … so what is that training program you have in the desc with A,B and C? 3 sets 3 sets 4 sets…. how many push-ups is a set?

  2. He must have changed his mind on the importance of push ups by now, but nevertheless. I always try to get my mom to do pushups, but.. she can't do a single one.

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