How To Do Push Ups For Beginners

How To Do Push Ups For Beginners

How to do push ups for beginners? Nothing sounds so simple: Drop down to the floor and just do it. But if you never worked out, are generally out of shape, overweight or need to build your basic strength, then how to do push-ups can be a daunting task.

This video discusses what and what not to do when you start this exercise and shows you how to do a push-ups for beginners program you can do at home that takes you from wall push-ups to wide push-ups.

To make this a complete upper body workout, please have a look at my beginner pull-up video,

and incorporate these into this program:

Home Workout Plan For Beginners

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  1. Good day everyone, and good day to you Sir. I tried to contact you via your page but I received an error.
    I am a skinny guy and I would like to gain some muscle, for a firm tone. I'm not looking to be huge. I would like to work out at home and I do jogging in the morning. All this fits within my daily schedule which is flexible to some extent. I'm doing this as a test of self-discipline and goal achievement. Could you help me structure a diet, and morning routine that incorporates chest building, and push ups, and strengthening my back.

    P.s. I am open to any advice from others
    Merci, thank you.

  2. i keep on trying back then.. now i cam do 100 a day, but now i do 240 regular pushups every 2-3 days.. my pecs are so big now honestly.. it took me 4 years.. just dedicate your time

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  4. Hey guys. Awesome vid.

    My younger brother was once a fatty. He went from 293 lbs of fat to 210 lbs of pure muscle mass. I could not believe it! I just signed up personally because I want to greatly improve my build. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Google it)…

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  6. Hi again Mr. Evil! 😀 So I've started working on the push-ups (2 times a week in between doing cardio – I'm following the beginner's workout program from your website), and I'm starting with wall push-ups, right now I'm able to do 10 reps per set – I've also been doing planks (following your how-to video as well) every day at the start of my workout after my warm up session. Lately, I noticed my shoulders have started hurting – is this normal or am I probably doing something wrong, eg my form?

  7. I can't touch my toes without bending my knees when I'm standing or sitting, I can't stretch my legs all the way out unless I'm lying down on my back or stomach without the back of my knees hurting. What causes this and is there any exercises I can do that can help this go away?

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