How to Do Push Ups on a Bar

How to Do Push Ups on a Bar

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  1. This is just an observation I have made watching people use pushup handles.  The whole objective of using handles is to increase the range of motion…going further than regular pushups going to the floor.  But in almost every video, the person demonstrating stops at the top of the handles, defeating the entire purpose of using the handles.  If you aren't going to go further than the tops of the handles, do pushups hands on the floor touching your chest to the floor instead.

  2. Push Ups are so much harder using the push up bar, especially when they are vertically facing you (2nd method in video). Has me excited for results! 

  3. Yeah the reverse grip is not going to work biceps. There's no flexion involved. Major muscles are pectorals, deltoids and triceps. 
    Now if the reverse grip were on a bench, the effects would be even greater. 

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  5. I fail to see how the reverse grip can work the biceps. The biceps' function is arm flexion. At no point during a pushup do I need to actively flex my arm. From bottom position to top position there is extension, i.e. no bicep involvement. From top to bottom position all I need to do is relax the chest and triceps and gravity will flex the arm i.e. passive flexion of the arm.

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