How to Do Push-Ups

How to Do Push-Ups

Push-ups are one of the most well known exercises and work many of the muscles in the arms and upper body. Learn about increasing muscle strength in your arms with push up exercises.


  1. Hello! I am just wondering, doing push-ups is great for toning correct? Whereas if you are using weights, you can either bulk or tone? thanks!

  2. If you are talking about a proper push up then your elbows should spread like that ever you are making it harder for yourself.

  3. It's irritating to type in "proper push up" and find videos of people teaching with their elbows so far out! 

  4. Really doesn't help me because I am not at a gym so I don't have a mat therefore I am still clueless to how wide my hands should be

  5. I've been doing them this way for years, but for some reason it's caused injury to my right shoulder.
    Changed this to a 45 degree angle arm-to-sides and so much better.

  6. I've been using this technique for 2 months now, i stared off benching 30 now I'm doing 55.thanks this really works

  7. you dont do push ups like that you come up on your feet from the start lower for 3 seconds back to the starting position for 3 seconds and repeat

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