How to Do the Roger Rabbit Dance

How to Do the Roger Rabbit Dance

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Professional Dance Instructor and Director of DanceTouch Collective (, Brice “Professor Lock” Johnson gives you step by step instruction on various hip hop dance moves.

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Music by: Btonez of #TeamWest Productions.


  1. it does't look like the rabbit dance. it begon in the netherlands. jou have to watch 'konijnen dans' that is the real one. and is mutch better dan this

  2. have u ever put out any DVDs of ur i guess u could say dance teachings if not u should really think about it u r one of the best teachers that i have seen.

  3. I always thought of it as the mentally retarded cousin of the Running Man lol. I just think it is a weird looking move. But I can see what you mean by calling it a backwards running man.

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