How to Do Triceps Push Ups

How to Do Triceps Push Ups

Strengthen the triceps with triceps push ups. Learn how to increase arm strength with triceps exercises in this training video.


  1. Wow! I can really feel my triceps after doing this work out! I am confused with the name of this exercise, on some other sites, it says that it is called closed hand push ups and on other videos, it says that it is called a diamond push up, what is this actually called? Diamond push ups?

  2. Seriously, do women that workout just follow the stigma that they must do knee pushups?

    I've seen few, but nonetheless (women) do real pushups just like men do…

    Why do the lesser way?

  3. are there any exercises I can do for biceps (body weight only/no equip) – are military push ups sufficient for biceps?

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