How To Draw Cars: Exhaust Tips/Chrome

How To Draw Cars: Exhaust Tips/Chrome

Learn how to draw cars that will blow people’s minds! In this series Jon Barnes gives detailed, hands-on and practical demonstrations on drawing cars that look amazing. Make sure you take a look at all the How-to videos on my channel to see detailed explanations of drawing rims, wheels, exhaust, headlights, nailing perspective, shape, best-practices and more.

Professionally trained in Detroit under some of the best automotive designers out there, Jon breaks the process down into key steps in plain English in this How To Draw Cars Series.

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  1. Another amazing vid! You have to make more, just every drawing you do just explain as you go. Books and The other YouTube vids that just play back-round music isn't as helpful as your vids, its so much more helpful to actually watch as you explain what, how & why your doing things it's just what I need to take my drawings to the next level.

  2. My Migraines have subsided I can that I have a beed on what to do..thanks you have any other tutorials let me are the man..

  3. oh man, dang. Go white white out. Those silver sharpies have crazy permeating death-chemicals that will not play nicely with the other media

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