How to Draw with Colored Pencils

How to Draw with Colored Pencils

In this video I give a quick tutorial on how I use colored pencils. I draw my version of a famous painting from 1535 and an Alien using Prisma Colored pencils on Strathmore toned tan paper.

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  1. Can you ever show a video on how to know where to shade and teach where,when and how to draw folds on clothes

  2. Trav you are very inspiring. I am a young artist and your videos make me eager to pursue in my art and also to improve! I love your art style and tips as well! When I need inspiration or help on drawing I ALWAYS come to your channel! You are very talented! And even though I am 12………..I hope that one day I will be as good as you!

  3. I see all these comments from (I think) people who are really good at drawing. I'm 14, I just started to like drawing, showing more interest (As you can tell, because I'm watching this video). So I'm not an expert. But what I got out of this video is that, with colored pencil, you need to build up the insensitivity, so you can add highlights later on. I think most of you already got this, but I did not. And I thought it would be helpful to others like me. (Sorry for my english I just had 2,5 years of it in high school and my mother tongue is dutch).  

  4. Hey +SketchyTrav this is the guy who followed you on instagram today and just started using colored pencils… You liked the picture I did of Drake. I can't stop watching this video, its so good…lbvs

  5. Thanks for messaging me back!!! But I think u should get super basic if u make the highlight video….. I mean like start with something simple as a cube, or REALLLLLLLY explain highlights. 

  6. Hi Travis I have seen most of your videos & I have observed the head which you draw is little big than the body according to me and one last request I would want you to explain in one of your video about BLENDING please I want to know from scratch thank you and congrats for your new baby, your baby has a very talented parents both can draw I hope you will carry forward this art to your children 

  7. So cool but like HOW are you using the pencils like how do you shade and know what colors blend to make what? Would love if you went more in depth explainning how to us them like draw hard or light.

  8. Hello I've just found your channel really good drawing.

    I have a question when you used the white colouring pencil on the blue face drawing did you go over everything or just the parts that wasn't already coloured in ? 

  9. I want to say the image was based on Madonna and child of the meadow. but the pose of the child looks slightly different.

  10. I have been meaning to get my own Prisma colored set, you also have inspired me to get my own pad of Strathmore toned paper as well. Works nicely!

  11. I couldn't stop loving the song playing in the background!!! What was it? Btw loved the art!!(≧∇≦)

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