How to Dress to Suit Your Shape | with SprinkleofGlitter

How to Dress to Suit Your Shape | with SprinkleofGlitter

SprinkleofGlitter joins me to talk about choosing dresses to suit your shape and size!

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  1. Thank you so much for this video. I'm really self conscious about my body and I have zero fashion sense so this video has made my day and helped so much. I have the same problem as you Hazel, and ALL (ish) my clothes are black and boring. After watching this video, I feel more confident and ready to start wearing more dresses and colour. Thank you again to both of you because this was perfect and wonderful and helpful and just great.

  2. Ah, about what Louise said, about wearing things just bc it is slimming. I remember my mum would always be like "but darling can't you wear that other dress instead, it's so slimming." And I would answer "but i don't care about that, I'm not thin and everyone knows it, I wanna wear something I feel pretty in, not thin" It's not mutually exclusive, u can feel pretty without feeling thin, and i just feel that is really important.

  3. I'd like to point out that your body could be shaped different than the standard "apple" or "pear" figure. My body is exactly what (after hard googling and researching I found out) people call figure 8, or spoon. The lower parts of my legs and arms are slim (whilst I tend to gain weight at the top of my arms and thighs a lot more), and I don't have a lot of boobs, but my hips go out really "suddenly" from my slim waist, creating what people call a "shelf"-like appearance (wow, that sounds unsexy). Also, I kind of have "violin hips", meaning my hips go out up high then in and then out a bit again at my thighs. That, I have to admit, is not very sexy. Haha, I should eat less junk and exercise more. But in the end I actually have come to like my body shape. These slightly odd hips are very feminine and my arms are quite pretty 🙂 Anyway, I would recommend mid-waist pants and t-shirt dresses.

  4. I am a mixture of what you and Louise described your self as and I hate going out in public wearing dresses they make me look fatter than I actually am. In fact all cloths do. So idek what cloths to wear any suggestions? Luv u had and Louise xx

  5. I would say eat a healthy balanced died and go and do something. Also I look quite good in orange and pink and lime green… basically bright colours

  6. For the most part I am okay with my belly and things, etc but I always feel like I can't pull things off bc of my face. I'm not exactly the most attractive person and I don't wear makeup so I'm always afraid of wearing something really tough or something really soft. I wear a lot of solid colors, which I do like, but sometimes I wish I could wear more "stylish" stuff w/o feeling silly.

  7. You both have beautiful figures and I am now going to try be more body confident even although I am a size 8

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