How To: Dumbbell Floor Press

How To: Dumbbell Floor Press


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  1. So for floor press you don't have to pinch your shoulder blades and arch your back like you do on a bench?

  2. Is there any risk of injuring your neck? And is it possible/ok to just do one arm at a time (I only have one dumbell at the moment)?

  3. Good video on not faring out those shoulders. However here is my question.
    How do you safely do this (starting and lowering the weights) when you go to heavier weights?

  4. I've strained the palm of my hand somehow, is this from not keeping my wrist straight, if so how do I keep an eye on it? 

  5. Is it alright doing one dumbbell at a time, or does that risk injury?  I don't have two of the same weight; except for two 40s, which I am not quite ready for just yet.

  6. I've been doing these for a while but I only feel this in my shoulders? I don't know why but any tips on what I might be doing wrong?

  7. travis tremlett why would you feel your biceps in a pushing movement. you feel it in your triceps because its the dominant mover.

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