How to Eat Like a Bodybuilder – Rob Riches | Prozis

How to Eat Like a Bodybuilder - Rob Riches | Prozis

What do bodybuilders eat? Rob Riches brings you the typical meals in a bodybuilding diet. Take a look at some of the dishes bodybuilders include in their daily meal plan.


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  1. Hey Rob, What are your thoughts on intermittent fasting. 16 hour fast and 8 hour eating window. Like 12pm to 8pm eating window. Thanks

  2. Thanks Rob. May this video bring you lots of riches lol! : ) Excellent video. Just a thought. I need to make a major shift in my motivation, diet and lifestyle… From today, I am cutting out sugars and excess carbs in my diet. Which supplement can stop my addiction to sugar ?!

  3. Thanks for video.I would like to share with you some information.I learned at the University:when you eat fats its bad for your hormones(actually for Grove hormone )Fats stunted level of GH,its very important to know,
    because if you have meal beforeafter workout and most important before bad you need to maximize level GH hormone for good repairing and grow.Guys sorry for my English ,I hope you understand me;)

  4. This is a great video! Please make more like this. 
    You seem to change kitchens a lot…I also wanted to say I wish beef wasn't cost prohibitively expensive these days…I mean around $10 per pound for steak in my area — and that's on sale! Ughh.

  5. Bro science 101 in 4 minutes 😀 But thats what it takes to be shredded year round and thats why I love Rob . Keep it up

  6. Do you eat like this off season though? These types of vids, although very useful, give the impression you/others eat like this year round.

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