How to eat pasta with a fork

How to eat pasta with a fork Stop the struggle! Chef Ferrero shows George how to eat spaghetti with a fork and put it where it belongs, in your mouth!


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  2. That's the "professional" way, I'm italian and I never mastered that technique lol nowadays it's even considered a bad manner by "high-class" people :d

  3. This video helped me so much in my social life. Once I learned how to eat spaghetti like the average human, I realized chicks dig guys that can eat spaghetti properly! Who knew right?! Now I feel so confident, attractive, and drop-dead gorgeous. Everybody that sees me eat spaghetti this way, wonders how I ever did it? You know what I say, I say, "Go to this video!" and then I wink. Thank you so much. I don't know where I would be without you. Can I have your autograph? You are my HERO!!

  4. Pasta is a generic term for a food made from wheat paste and cooked by boiling. Spaghetti refers to the specific shape of the pasta. so.. 🙂 it is pasta

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