How to Edge a Garden Bed – This Old House

How to Edge a Garden Bed - This Old House

This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook creates a clean garden edge. (See below for a shopping list and tools.)

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How to Build a Raised Garden Bed:

How to Prepare a Raised Garden Bed for Winter:

How to Keep a Lawn and Garden Beds Separate:

Shopping List for How to Edge a Garden Bed:
– Pine-bark mulch, used to cover soil of newly expanded garden bed

Tools for How to Edge a Garden Bed:
– Metal edger, used to cut new edge along garden bed
– Garden rake, for spreading bark mulch
– Shovel, used to dig old grass from new garden bed and to transplant plants
– Wheelbarrow, used to transport bark mulch
– Garden hose, used to establish the outline of the new garden bed

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  1. I have that edger tool but have never thought to use it for that have saved me a lot of time and effort.  I always add compost or a mix of compost and peat to the soil since the sod has been removed.  It's just a good time to amend soil even if it is good quality.  How did you level that area out? tamping?

  2. lets do this right and lay some nice brick down. raise the beds up behind the brick. then when you trim or edge the grass it won't be flying into the beds. with your method you will spend every weekend pulling dead grass clippings out of there from the string trimmer.

  3. 0:35  What kind of moon?  Roger, you've been hanging-out with non-New Englanders too long, picking-up their weird accents.  For shame!

  4. This won't work with Bermudagrass… it will creep right across into the planting bed.  I have to hit the edge with Roundup about every month or two

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