How to Embrace Leadership as a Christian Woman

How to Embrace Leadership as a Christian Woman

Join me as I share:
• The 3 mistakes I see women making that reduce their success and credibility
• 2 words you must know as you move into leadership
• Mindset challenges that you have to walk through
• Blindspots that are keeping you STUCK
• And more…

Find out why I am passionate about leadership and the training program that I am starting for women ready to step up into the God’s calling. The brand new Christian Women’s Leadership Institute is a unique mentoring and internship course for women who are ready to step into their God-given purpose with their sisters in Christ. On the live webinar, you will meet some of the 19 women already enrolled and see why this might be the next place for you!
The Christian Women’s Leadership Institute™ is now accepting applications for early enrollment. Class starts on February 25th for Module #1 to become a Certified Group Facilitator.
Read more and fill out your application here:


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