How to Fall While Ice Skating – Melissa and Denis Teaching

How to Fall While Ice Skating - Melissa and Denis Teaching

Hope everybody had a safe and happy New Year. What are your new year resolutions?
We went ice skating with What the Buck, he was fantastic. We will be bringing you more footage from our skating session with Michael Buckley soon.
Now we are bringing you our first tutorial video to teach you how to fall. This is one of the most important lessons in ice skating. So please watch, try it, and send us your videos and comments on how you did.


  1. Step 1..when u r going down pull your head in" " .. Then the lady chimes in " for those of u who didn't understand that its pull your head in""

    Like really wtf lol

  2. Great tuts guys, but talking over him to clarify his foreign accented words blocked out the phrase after he said "Do NOT" ….so now i actually don't know what not to do? And did he say go limp? (in so many words) because those weren't falls, they were controlled sliding sit-downs i.e hands first. fall backwards due to gliding and leaning back too far (my own rookie mistake) and show how to counter that please next time, really feel bad for criticising,but i don't think a five min video to say

  3. Aside from the real fur that really bugged me, this was an awesome video!! I sure wish you could make more instructional videos, you two rock!!

  4. I'm 47 – I love learning figure skating – I was moving along with 3-turns when I fell and broke my leg : (
    I learned to fall much like you show, and it worked for lots of falls. Then I fell with my leg just right and it broke… Now it'll be about a year before I can contiue figure skating…

  5. Thank you! Saturday afternoon open skate, I was doing backward swizzles at speed when I messed up when I knew I was about to fall, I just let go and feel loose, but I also turned as I went down.. Nothing, I was fine after I stopped sliding.. That was the fist hard fall that was nothing to me. : )

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