How to Find Summer Roll Ingredients | Asian Cooking

How to Find Summer Roll Ingredients | Asian Cooking

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SUMMER ROLL INGREDIENTS: 4 (8.5″ diameter round rice wrappers; 1 T neutral oil; 6 large blue shrimp, raw; 2 garlic cloves, finely minced; 1 each scallion, carrot, cucumber, julienned into 5″ long pieces; 1 lime cut into 6 wedges; 2 tsp. kosher salt; 1 T organic cane sugar; 8 oz. vermicelli; 12 large Thai basil leaves; 12 mint leaves; 20 cilantro leaves.

Summer rolls are a great way to start any Vietnamese meal. So I’ve put together some of the key ingredients you’re going to need.

First your vermicelli. I’ve actually gotten some brown rice vermicelli today which I think is awesome, but usually just regular white rice kind is fine. But I think this if fun for color.

The most important thing, obviously, the rice wrapper. These come in a lot of different sizes so you can make small summer rolls, large summer rolls, medium sized summer rolls. We’ve got a 28 cm with us today.

We’re going to wet these in a little bit of hot water to make them pliable before we roll them.

We’ve got some shrimp. We’re going to saute that with a little bit of garlic, salt and sugar.

And in little bit, some lime for that citrus note. Some scallions. Some carrots. Usually we put a little cucumber in there as well.

It’s important to have Thai basil. These have like nice purple stems and they’re very different from the sweet basil. They’ve got a little bit more of like a lemony zest to them. I love them.

We’ve got some mint and some cilantro.

And we’ll be putting this all together in a summer roll very shortly.

And those are some of the key ingredients you’ll need for a summer roll.


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