How To Fit A Bra – Bras N Things

How To Fit A Bra - Bras N Things

There is nothing more important than finding a perfectly fitting bra. Find out how to fit a bra correctly with Bras N Things. Learn how to check the back, bra straps, underwire and the cups, ensuring you choose a bra right for you.

If you require extra help, find the closest Bras N Things store at and let us help you find the size you need!

Additionally, use our bra fitting guide at if you are comfortable measuring yourself.


  1. I'm a 10 year old boy. I like going outside wearing my sisters bra under a flannel baggy shirt. Most of the time nobody knows I'm wearing a bra under my shirt even though I stuff the cups. MY QUESTION if,,,, someone will answer me is,,,, Why do most girls freak out when they notice I'm wearing a bra under my shirt? Some girls laugh and some girls are like no big deal .

  2. I have to were a sports bra because mine are to big for the main bra and to small for others and it has no patting!!

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