How to Fit Bras for Plus Size Chests Video –

How to Fit Bras for Plus Size Chests Video -

Find a bra that is comfortable and fits well for plus size figures.

Read more on how to find the right plus-size bra fit:

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  1. She's just trying to sell bras, and trying to be edgy by touching the model throughout the video. Most of the observations she made about the different fits are not true. She knows how women can get obsessed with their looks and she's capitalizing on their weaknesses.

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  3. well jfc woman i don't even have large enough boobs to even wear a A cup.. I don't even wear bras xc

  4. A girl named Taylor who is a 38 DDD. Where have I heard that from… Oh wait, I'm a Taylor that's a 38 DDD. Also love the faces she makes when the bra experts feels her

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