How to Fit Carpet Part 2: Fitting & Trimming Carpet

How to Fit Carpet Part 2: Fitting & Trimming Carpet

Watch our step-by-step film showing how to fit carpet, with expert advice and top tips to help you complete the job with confidence.

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  1. lol I fitted my first carpet today and can also say this is the wrong approach – been in the game for a mere 30 minutes ahaha

  2. I've been a professional 'How to' video presenter for 60 years and this smarmy pretty boy with his 'come to bed' eyes does not have a clue what he is doing!!

  3. 4 minutes 7 seconds, into the video, you can see this chap has cut right through the skirting boards, have to agree they look a bit nervous.

  4. This is so wrong!!…first you don't need glows, what you need at least is a power strecher, carpet knife, stair tool, tack strips, knee kicker to do one basic small carpet installation! these guys are misleading the whole thing!! now…if you want to buy the tools i just mention, you will spend about $500 to $ if you want to rent them probably is gonna cost you $75.. Oh let;s not forget your time! now let me say if you use your common sense and pay a professional carpet layer to do the installation, chances are you will pay him the same as you will pay for renting the tools! I'm saying this because I've been related to the flooring installation industry for over 30 years!!!

  5. It's funny how all the carpet experts in these comments are watching a howto video on how to fit a carpet! hahaha

  6. the idea and concept of installing carpet may sound, and look like a diy project, but bottom line is, there is technique and know how involved to achieve a professional finish. diy'ers beware, or you might end up with a " not bad for my first time " job.

  7. I am a carpet installer for 20 years I work for Home Depot and this video is so wrong they don't have any idea what they doing

  8. It a good video for real pros since the trendies will be calling them to fix their mess they got into from watching this video.

  9. Dont listen to them there doing it WRONG i am a professional floor layer and the B&Q fitters are doing it all WRONG, i would advise everyone to get a professional to do it from a proper carpet shop, because there will fit it the right way, that video has really pissed me off because there have fitted it all wrong a room that size should take 30 minutes how there was doing it you would be there a good few hours, this comment has come from an professional floor layer

  10. Sooo Many things in this video that you just shouldn't do! Who is really stupid enough to cut up against a skirting/wall. When cutting the carpet down cut the backing on the ground as opposed to the actual carpet side first!

  11. to be honest, the guy trimming and tucking looks to be having a bad day. i would be very worried if he i saw him fitting that in my house that way.

  12. To be honest I have no idea if this is the correct way to fit a carpet, but I know one thing, there's a heck of a lot of nervous professionals in the comments. :-)

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