How to Fit More into Your Carry-On Bag | Everyday Genius with Kari Byron

How to Fit More into Your Carry-On Bag | Everyday Genius with Kari Byron

One of the most stressful parts of traveling is fitting everything into your carry-on bag. In this episode of Everyday Genius, host Kari Byron shows you how to bundle & roll your way to a more efficient packing job.
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1. Lay out your folded clothes.
2. Stuff your socks into your shoes to save space.
3. Place your shoes and other small items on the bottom of your bag to create a foundation.
4. After that, start layering in clothes from largest to smallest.
5. Place that first big piece of clothing on top so it drapes over the edge of the bag.
6. Place your next piece completely in the bag, and begin alternating your remaining clothes.
7. When all clothes are accounted for, begin folding in any clothes hanging outside the bag.

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How to Fit More into Your Carry-On Bag | Everyday Genius with Kari Byron

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  1. Thank you i go away like every weekend and this video made it so much easier for me to pack i'll never pack any other way again! so easy and so fast!

  2. You should do videos like how to get rid of acne or open a locker the fastes way that's how people look at your videos fast just a tip

  3. So much tech stuff looks for more than a short trip … more like for 3 days or so … And here comes the question: where do I put my spare clothing ?

  4. Where did you get the case for the sony headphones. Just wondering because I am going to get those headphones

  5. beautifully well done, the video is clear and sound is crisp and clear, very organized, also keep the positive mood going every day.

  6. Imagine if all these gadgets are taken away from you..maybe you get robbed, i am so sure you would die from boredom. I mean you need to have some kind of ADD to use so many gadgets. You must be getting really impatient if even one of you device runs out of charge.

    Does anyone need so many gadgets when they are going out for a short trip?
    I dont mean to hate but it just seems like an excessive number of gadgets are being used here when one should have a few basic ones.

  7. I hope it doesn't rain, you'll get electrocuted when water hits you lmao. I'm a techie and all but gawd damn you got a lot of luggage bro.

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