How To Fix “Pulling Off the Ball” | Hitting Drills (Pro Speed Baseball)

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Why do we pull off of the ball? Well that’s exactly what we tackle in this video. Not only do we show you how to fix pulling off the ball, we explain why it happens and give you two awesome drills to get you staying on the ball longer and hitting it harder!

The most common reason for pulling off the ball is improper swing initiation. Meaning, which part of the body fires first after the load and stride are completed? More often than not, the hitters pulling off of the ball are starting to quickly with their hips or shoulders. This makes the body out-race the hands and the hands get dragged behind effectively pulling off of the ball.

To begin to fix this problem we do 2 simple drills:

The first drill we take dry and tee swings from our knees without rotating the upper body at all.

The second drill we stand and take swings off of a tee without moving our body at all and the we progress into a swing where we let the lower body rotate, while keeping the upper body stable.

These drills begin to give you the feeling you need to sync up your swing versus having the body pull off and drag the hands behind.

Keep working hard!!

I look forward to helping you improve your baseball in the future!

Pro Speed Baseball,
Michael Derr

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  1. Haven't been hitting like I used o for about 6 months, trying many different things and talking to different coaches, nothing worked

    3 days of this drill and it's fixed, thank you

  2. I think that teaching hands first is a bad way to address this issue, especially since none of the great OPS hitters lead with their hands.  The hands should lag behind the body.  A better fix for this issue would be bending at the waist during the stride and staying behind the ball and having side bend during the swing.  That creates a swing plane that allows the bat to stay in the hitting zone longer than being upright like you are in this video, and subsequently will eliminate pulling off the ball.  I work with a lot of kids and know that hands first is definitely not what you want to teach them because that's how a lot of them are when I start working with them.  They end up not using their lower half at all because they get so focused on using their hands and there is nothing to initiate the lower half when the swing starts with the hands, can't get on pitch plane because their body isn't in the correct position, and end up lunging toward the pitcher trying to take the hands to the ball to start the swing.

  3. If your hands out race the body, aren't you losing power based on bio-mechanics and a sequential swing? If you initiate your swing with your hands, doesn't that lead to casting? Isn't casting swinging around, or to the outside of the baseball-which is not good? If my shoulders stay closed throughout the swing, as you are suggesting in this video, wouldn't that inhibit a full swing and not utilize my entire body? Especially on a middle/middle inside/inside pitch? I understand the use of a, or in this case the drill, but you seem to be prematurely rolling the wrists through the ball/swing.

  4. Im 15 5'7 ive been playing baseball for +5 years but my only conflict is HITTING its either that my head is pulling off ,my hands and or my hip. i would really like to hear from you because you seem like a good coach(es) and would like to fix my swing because defense im good but like i said i want to improve more as i grow

  5. In this video you suggest that the hands should initiate a normal swing. Yet , in the power series videos, you suggest that the hips should initiate the swing; sort of creating hip separation. So , what should start the normal swing (game like): The hands first then the hips, the hips first then the hands or both the hands and the hips at the same time? I am a bit confused. Thank You

  6. so im 14 and over the last 3 or so years, my batting average has steadily declined. i just started a new season and started 1-10 with 6 strikeouts. three years ago a season with 6 strikeouts was terrible. i feel the flaws consist of my

    -ability to choose a good pitch
    -bat control
    -being able to keep my head looking at the ball the whole way through
    -im 5' 10" which is kinda tall so my coaches tell me to take a wider stance and bend my knees. i already have a long stride but i always stride towards first base (im a righty)
    -i spend time practicing and finding ways to become more skilled, like your videos, but i have no confidence in a game situation

    i need your help with this because next year, if i cant hit, i wont make my freshman squad

  7. I want you to make a video, talking about how to stop hitting a fly I never hit the ball on the sweet spot of my bat. how to make solid contact..

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