How to Float

How to Float

Floating is a swimming skill needed in a survival situation. Floating can be done on the back or front. Get expert tips and advice in this swimming video.


  1. I have to go swimming lessons soon I am really scared because I have to float on my back with a board. But what scares me the most is standing up from floating. My swimming teacher goes to teach other kids while I float and I'm scared to stand up because I'm worried I will drown. I have almost drowned 2 times so I have a massive fear. Please link videos or tell my some advise on what I should do. It would mean so much to me because I am super scared and stressed.

  2. It actually works better for fast people because their extra meat (That's what she said) can help them float…

  3. I'm a master a swimming but when I float its so hard! I think I'm too skinny cuz I'm 8 and I weigh 63 pounds

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