How to Fold Sweaters & Hoodies | KonMari Method by Marie Kondo

How to Fold Sweaters & Hoodies | KonMari Method by Marie Kondo

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  1. A friend told me about Marie Kondo and I'm right here watching all your videos and folding all my clothes, I really love you and your tutorials! And you're soooo sweeet :D

  2. how about cardigans or tweed jackets with shoulder pads (don't want to hang them as the arms will stretch out)? any suggestions?thanks

  3. Marie Kondo specifically instructs that the neckline gets folded to be on the inside, not the outside.

  4. Great video! I just read the book but I didn't really understand the folding until I saw you do it. I noticed that with tshirts, you start with the head on the final folds, but with sweaters and long sleeve shirts, you finish with the head. Is there a reason for that or doesn't that part matter?

  5. hi! what about chunky knit sweaters? how do you tackle those? if I fold them up this way, it just takes up a lot of space. thanks!

  6. 1. This song was life. I'm literally going to transcribe it for piano now, thank you.

    2. This video is sooooo clutch, I'm in the process of folding my drawers for the school year and I literally broke down because I couldn't figure out how to fold my sweat shirts.

    3. please let there be one on leggings. I'm off to search your video Playlist lol.

  7. Even the way you edit your videos is minimalistic. Makes it so easy to fully understand and enjoy everything (it ain't a science, but you get what I'm saying). Absolutely love your videos <3

  8. Throw sweatshirts and hoodies into a corner of your closet.  As for socks, tie them is a loose knot.  Mens underwear should be shoved into a drawer so the impossible to clean feces stains don't show

  9. look interesting but also look it only work for petite and small size pants and shirts, am size 56, and would need really big draws to put all my pans in the dresser, I can say used to work at abig brand retail store and learn how to fold clothing almost like this and since I have shelfs in my home I just foldem that way and stack them up.

  10. thanks this would be so helpful if I was not such a lazy boar of a person, all my sweatshirts and hoodies are just laying around the house coverd in cat hair, oh well.

  11. I was just wondering how to fold hoodies the KonMari way, but I didn't think it was addressed. Your videos are really helping me understand how to fold clothes according to the description in her book. By the way, I had been wishing there was a way to store my clothing vertically, because I never know where anything is when it's all stacked. But I didn't think it was possible. So I'm really looking forward to trying this method out. I plan to start on Saturday. Thanks for making these videos!

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