How To Fuel Like A Pro – On-Bike Cycling Nutrition

How To Fuel Like A Pro - On-Bike Cycling Nutrition

What to eat and drink, while riding, and how to eat and drink it, are questions that cyclists of all experience levels are faced with. Former Tour de France rider Daniel Lloyd gives his pro tips to get the most out of your riding.
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Daniel suggests taking on board at least one piece of food per hour, either a bar, a gel or none-cycling specific food such as a jam sandwich or banana.

He also recommends drinking at least one 500ml bottle per hour, although pros will aim to drink double this to maintain adequate levels of hydration. Pros will also take one bottle of energy drink and one of plain water, but Daniel tells us that his personal preference is two of energy mix.

And what of electrolytes? When it’s over 30 degrees celcius, Dan swaps energy drink for an electrolyte mix.

All these tips, and more.

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  1. nougat
    just the cheap kids stuff with hardly any nuts ,really just gooey sugar, you hardly need to chew it and it doesnt melt

  2. Thank you for this video and the all the rest.
    Any suggestions on how to properly warm up? When I ride up a hill the 1st time I'm a little winded. But when I come back down and do it again I even surprise myself. I'm like sprinting.
    I guess I'm trying to find that sweet spot. I'm not new to riding but will always listen and take suggestions. Thank you again.

  3. I put pure, organic, maple syrup in my water bottle. I have found, for me, that eating anything on the ride robs me of energy because my body is using energy to both cycle and digest food.

  4. I am a fan of a bottle of water with an energy table in It and I always have something like a slice of pizza or a burger wedged in my ass crack so I can just pull it out when I'm hungry

  5. what Is a good suggestion for a pre ride meal, ie breakfast and how long is advised to wait before setting off,  I am new to cycling and still trying to find the basics. I have bonked once and it was hell..  thanksn

  6. Yeah but how do you eat a gel whilst cycling? This skill is on par with putting on a rain jacket in my opinion especially if you wish to avoid spilling and littering

  7. I'm a big fan fan of Clif bar(peanut butter crunch) and Hammer nutrition(cafe mocha Perpetuem and their endurolyte fizz electrolytes)

  8. nature valley granola bars,ham and egg sandwiches(but only on longer rides over 80km),oreo cookies, and my own version of "magic water" -water,honey,salt and lemon.
    solid food(think pasta,rice,meat and veggies) are only eaten if the rides i do go beyond the 5h mark

  9. Can I ask about drinking is it possible do you think drinking a lot of fluids on a ride could end up diluting your digestive juices and delay the digestion of solid foods?

  10. One thing that really helps me out on long rides (4+ hours) are those energy gel flasks. They're 5 oz bottles filled with gels that I can stuff in my pockets. It allows me to take smaller amounts of energy gels more often rather than having to finish an entire packet once it's opened. With the flasks, I am also able to consume gels while riding. I could never do that with packaged gels since the wrapper is too fiddly for me while riding and trying to litter while at the same time trying not to get leftover gel all over my jersey pockets.

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