How To Get Vault 101 Jumpsuit In fallout 4

How To Get Vault 101 Jumpsuit In fallout 4

If anyone knows the origin of said jumpsuit or what it is about. Please educate me. 😉
P.S I have about 200 hours total playing fallout 3, no need to tell me what vault 101 is.


  1. Erm…I found this in sanctuary at your character's house, though I do have some mods installed. Don't think any of the mods add the jumpsuit into the game though, weird…

  2. Maybe, there could be a modded quest where you go with doctor Li to the memory den and relive the lone wanderers last days to find he went to the commonwealth and used red rocket as a home for a while. But one day, he leaves dogmeat at red rocket, (hence how you find him alone there) and goes on a mission with the brotherhood to escort elder Lyons. Unfortunately, squire maxson locks them in a vault sort of location and then comes back to the brotherhood HQ and lies, saying they were lost in combat. They believe him, and Maxson is hailed Elder to the brotherhood of steel. You then go to the place, and find a couple of holotapes where all of the people die except the lone wanderer who isn't in the location. The quest finishes and after you finish the game, you hear of a massive fleet of vertibirds and troops coming from the north. The enclave. You then track down the lone wanderer to help, and after a couple of speech checks, he agrees. or you could help the enclave, making them a joinable faction. Then you could win and defeat the enclave causing them to flee or destroy brotherhood/institute. The quests would be called:

    – Not So Lone Wanderer

    – The Old World

    – The New Force

    – God Bless The Enclave
    – Ending A Nation

  3. It IS available in the game without having to use the console commands IF YOU USE THE WRVR RADIO STATION MOD. It's barely visible under a couch with a few NPCs almost always nearby. If you grab it while not hidden they will attack since you'd be stealing it. That's all the hints I'll give so I don't spoil it for anyone that wants to find it on their own. The name of the mod does sorta give it away though. Good luck.

  4. They could have made it that Madison li took the suit off of the lone wanderer and took it with her to the institute as rememberence of the player that completed project purity

  5. You guys realize in the institute dr. Lee is there and she says she did a project in DC with the brotherhood.

    Could we be going back maybe? Everyone keeps talking about DC….hmmmm enclave? Idk lol 

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