How To Give Your Hamster A Sand Bath: Tips

How To Give Your Hamster A Sand Bath: Tips

Tips on bathing your hamster with a sand bath.


  1. I got that sand you have and I put it in, at first my hamsters were curious and I think they were eating it but I'm not sure, then by instinct they started rolling around in it and cleaning in it. Now whenever I put the sand in they sit their and eat, then they roll around. should I be worried that they are eating it? I only put the bath in when we have been handling them which isnt very often so I was wondering if anyone knew if I should do anything about it?

  2. when I put my hamster in the sand it just stops for 5 seconds then rolls on it's back randomly all over it XD it's so hilarious!

  3. what else to use other than sand bath? i have nowhere to find sand like that? what should i do? i do hope you will reply

  4. Hi +joy Georgina first of all would like to thank you you have helped me out alot with my new robo hamsters (Teddy and Bear ) and also is it safe for me to you chinchilla dust on my robo hammies

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