How to Glue in Hair Tracks for Weave | Black Hairstyles

How to Glue in Hair Tracks for Weave | Black Hairstyles

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Today, we’re going to learn how to glue in a quick weave. First, you want to take your glue, and apply it to your pre-cut track. You want to glue the track right where the thread is. You’re going to apply it all the way to the very end. So, you apply your glue to the length of the track that you’ve cut. So now you have your glue and your track.

Now, you have to wait about a minute or so for the glue to get a little tacky, because you don’t want it to spread when you press it against your head. Usually, the glue gets a little darker when it’s ready.

So now, we’re going to take the track and apply it here, bring it right across the head, and hold it. And then, you want to take your blow dryer. So, you want to use your blow dryer to heat the glue, and it gives it a stronger bond. Now, you’ll do this all the way up to the top of your head.

And now you know how to glue in a quick weave.


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  2. so I shaved the left side of my head it is has been like that for two years now will the cap still stay on!?

  3. God is not pleased with that mess we call weave. WHY. It's a Lie that's why. Relaxers & weave will get burned up when Jesus returns. Did you forget your scriptures ? No Lair can enter the kingdom of heaven not weave maker stylist or client God is serious about his creation fearfully and wonderfully made.

  4. I have a question about removing the cap from your head. Did not the glue went though the stocking cap and stick with your natural hair? Can you remove the cap without pulling off your natural hair?

  5. Kemo theropy has taken hair out, and the stocking cap will not stay put on my head, can I put the glue directly on my scalp? And if so, how long can I leave it on? And will it affect my scalp? I have used it before, but only for a short while. Can I leave it on for about 2 months of longer? I do wash my weave while it's on my head, so please don't think I don't wash my head for 2 months. Please answer me

  6. this is just stupid,u showed us nothing! Im sure everyone knows how to put glue on a track. Ughhhh just a waste of time

  7. and lol at the comments of black men being well….. Black men. Sad, pitiful, ignorant, lame, and always putting down black women and raising up white women.

  8. Don't do this!!! I lost majority of my hair doing this back in 2011 for my high school graduation! The glue goes thru the cap and enters your hair oh lord never again lolol thank god my hair grew back tho..

  9. You still haven't answered my questions: What are you doing here? Why are you watching these videos? Do you wear weave? Are you gay? And I'm not single if you must know. I have been married for five wonderful years and it was my choice to let my husband know what I do to make myself look the way I do for him. No I don't wear weave but I do find your comment to be offensive to the women who do. So are you saying that you'd rather have a woman that is bald than one that wears weave? LOL have fun!

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