How To Go Bra-less!!!

How To Go Bra-less!!!

Today I talk about how to go braless!
Today I’m talking about boobs and how to go braless! Were seeing a lot of low cut and backless tops and dresses and I want to share some of my best solutions for you. Please like, favorite, and subb if you love my Tuesday’s Tips! Thanks for watching- Linds

Bring it up breast shapers –

Fashion Forms breast petals –

Molded cup strapless bra –

Molded cup strapless bra –

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  1. when you use the links for the strapless bras from Macy's it actually says they are made by Bali. just wanted to mention that…

  2. she's funny 🙂 love the video and the honest funny-ness (not a word)… a lot of people try to be honest and are so damn fake but not her :)

  3. oh my gosh SO HELPFUL!! I have this problem all the time. I'm a double D and i literally just chaperoned a prom where i wore a dress with a low back and finding a bra was such a struggle! so hopefully these tips will next time XD

  4. I really like the aesthetic/look of going braless (like the nipple poking through white top thing that's been so trendy right now) problem is that I still want support because I don't have the smallest boobs and going braless hurts my shoulders and makes my boobs look saggy. Any ideas? Like is there any way I can wear a bra/have support and still achieve the braless look? Weird question I know but any tips would be appreciated xxx

  5. how to go bra-less: take off your bra. wait a week till your muscles develop. never wear a bra again. (except maybe for some sports)

  6. How to go bra-less with a size 34 triple d , don't put on a bra , My bra size is 34 ddd and I don't wear bra cause they are extremely uncomfortable for me

  7. Why would girls want to go bra less ? I'm a 10 year old boy and i've been stuffing and wearing my sisters bras for over a year now I just love the way they feel and look under my shirts. my sister is a 34B and the foam rubber I use to stuff the cups are a perfect size. I would not want anything bigger. though she also has 34C bras to. but her 34B works best for me.

  8. I would use these, but I'd have to go with my mum cause I'm not old enough to drive:/ and I don't feel like taking my mum along on a trip to stick something on my boob. And I barely have any, but it's still feels awkward not wearing one.

  9. I love your videos 🙂 Your tips are amazing. Unfortunately I already had my wedding (well the courthouse part – the church stuff might happen in a few years) – my dress was backless as well and I could only find those sticky-boob things – I felt uncomfortable the entire time.
    Thank you for your honest opinion 🙂 Hope you have a great day.

  10. thanks for actually saying that you're a D cup; cuz normally people who endorse these kinds of products have NO BOOBS! thanks!

  11. Just found this video. Thank You!!! I'm a DD and have given up wearing anything that I can't wear a bra with. You've given me renewed hope!!! I'll definitely have to subscribe to your channel!!

  12. I am big busted compared to the rest of my body >.< I just look awkward. Im so afraid to try any of these because im afraid they wont work :/ Some women say DD are a blessing but i swear i am cursed!! I have so many amazing backless dresses but im to afraid to wear any of them >.< i HATE not having a bra on.

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