How to grout wood look plank porcelain tile

How to grout wood look plank porcelain tile

How to grout a ceramic tile floor, step by step, this video is intended to be a guideline on how to grout a ceramic tile floor. This is how I do it and what I have found to be the simplest and quickest way to grout You will need a rubber float, a couple of buckets, a margin trowel for mixing your grout, and some rubber gloves. Mix your grout according to the direction of the grout you are using. Once the grout is ready, I find the best way to grout a tile floor is to spread the grout with the rubber float while holing it at a very low angle to the floor and pushing the grout into the lines while applying a good amount of pressure. Once you have filled the lines go over the same area with the float at a very high angle in order to remove all the excess grout and leave the grout lines filled with the proper amount of grout. Let stand for a period of time, then with a grout sponge and a bucket of clean cold water, work the grout lines with the sponge. The sponge should have as little water as possible not dripping or soaked. At this point the goal is to shape the grout lines not clean the tile. Once this is accomplished, the next step is to clean the tile. Again with a damp sponge and clean water, place the sponge on the tile, with even pressure pull the sponge in one direction only, lift the sponge flip to the other side repeat, rinse and repeat until the grouted section is clean. Once the whole floor is grouted and cleaned in this fashion, wait until the floor dries to a haze, and rinse again in the same manner.
I hope anyone that watches this finds it helpful.
All tile installed by Sal DiBlasi, Elite-tile Company, in the Boston North Shore area
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  1. Sal, this looks like 1/8 joints. What type of grout do you use for such an installation sanded or unsanded? I saw in another vidio that you use a tec grout with an additive, is that your general brand preference?

  2. Thanks for the helpful video! Do you grout all the way the the wall or just the edge of tile? Do you just install the basebaords after this? Thanks

  3. Hi again! I have the same flooring here and I am putting in my bathroom which is only 3×5 feet but my question is they all say to start from the center but I want the piece of tile that butts up to the tile to be a non cut end so would it be a big deal to start at the carpet? It's only three feet that direction so if the line is off a bit shouldn't have much time to alter. Did that make sense?

  4. Sal I would like to thank you for all the videos you have posted about tiling! I couldn't have got my projects done without your help. I really appreciate it!

  5. Hi Sal, Enjoy your videos greatly. I refer to them with every home project.  Our latest project is 48 x 8 porcelain tile.  Even with careful planning we will end up with some long rips. Can't find any local wet saw rentals which accomodate this size.  What are your suggestions for ripping the 48' length? Thks!

  6. DIBiasi Tiling University.  You have spent SO much time, giving of yourself!  I can't thank you enough.  My shower came out great and I'm on to the floor now – wood look tiles.  Couldn't do it without your help. You are a shining example of patience and generosity. What a guy!

  7. Hi Sal.  Big fan of your techniques. Im a Master Electrician in Toronto and since watching your videos over the last year I have picked up enough tricks/techniques to do my own renovation projects including full bathroom renos. I use all Schluter products and levelling systems as you have recommended in your videos which makes the difference from amateur hour and the real deal. I want to thank you for making me more money! My motto is: "Jack of all trades, master of one!"

  8. a good trick i learned years ago is use a pint of vinegar for every 4.5 gallons to eliminate hazing and use the grout kinda wet to were its almost like pudding and keep flipping that sponge in quarters

  9. sal do you recall the specifics on the floor tile? meaning brand, color. cant find it in michigan. enjoy your vids. thx

  10. If your grout is more than a year old, throw it out, if it is the wrong color, you will have to buy new grout. There are to many different types and brands of grout all with their own formulas, mixing one brand with another or one type with another even of the same brand would not be a good idea. The only thing I can suggest is to buy the same kind of grout in a darker gray than you need and mix it together with the white, but if you are going to do that just buy the color you want.

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