How to Grow Cat Grass from Wheat and Oat Feed – Easy and Cheap – Time lapse

How to Grow Cat Grass from Wheat and Oat Feed – Easy and Cheap - Time lapse

Today I will show you how to grow cat grass and where to purchase the seed. My cats love to go outside in the summer and eat the blades of grass that grow against my house. They then love to come inside and vomit. Sometimes they even vomit it up a couple days later and the grass is still recognisable. Their stomachs obviously cannot handle this grass so I went to the pet store and bought a tiny bag of seed. It cost me about and the cats loved it and they didn’t throw it up. My only issue was the cost, there had to be a cheaper way.

I looked online and wasn’t sure if I could import seeds into Canada and didn’t want to deal with customs and that whole process. While out at my local farmer supply store (UFA), I found a large bag of cattle feed which looked identical to the cat grass seed. I bought the 50 pound bag for . The seed is an oat seed and 100% safe, meaning there are no additives.

The soil that I’ll be using is also safe. There are no fertilizers added. I bought this large bag at Costco for about .


  1. Hello, may I ask why you haven't added a plate or dish under this pot, do we not need to have proper drainage for grass like we do with other plants?

    Also, do I have to cut the grass back as it grows, just like we mow outside grass and will it keep growing back or do I need to replant new seed each month?

    Thanks so much, am trying to grow grass for my cat and want to make sure I'm doing it right. Cheers

  2. In a meanwhile of 5-7 days, I should keep water it right? How do i know if its too much water or how to tell it just perfect water. Sorry, I have never grown a plant before  :P

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