HOW TO: HAMSTER BEDDING ~ Dust Free & 100% Safe!

HOW TO: HAMSTER BEDDING ~ Dust Free & 100% Safe!

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  1. How I make my hamster cage odor free. I cover the bottom half inch with scent free aspen wood shavings. Above that I put a half inch of kitty litter. Above that I put in a inch of aspen wood shavings. I put toilet paper inside the hamster house which they use for bedding. All my hamsters live 2-4 years with this type of care. I spot clean the doo doo every few days. Every week I do a thorough clean and remove the poop and woodshavings around the poop. Every 2-3 days I move the hamster house to a clean spot and clean out the poop inside and give them new toilet paper. All the urine and poop gets soaked up by the kitty litter. I also put kitty litter in a small bowl behind the wheel which they use as a cleaning area and restroom. Every month I clean out everything. I remove all the shavings and kitty litter and disinfect and thoroughly wash their home. Then I dry it and put in fresh kitty litter and wood shavings. My hamster Smokey almost lived 4 years like this.

  2. thank you so much for the video that you did it is really going to help me because I'm saving up for a short haired hamster thank you thank you thank you for being a friend but you don't really know me I

  3. I use dust extracted wood shavings in the bottom of the cage, but for nest making I give my hamsters toilet paper. However there is no need to do all the wetting and drying. I use better quality toilet paper – because it doesn't break up into dust. I place the sheets several deep then tear them into strips. I then shake each hand full of strips hard to release any dust fibres at the torn edges before I add it to the pile. Its soft, and warm and all my hamsters have lived long lives without respiration problems.

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