How To: Hockey Skate Tutorial (Episode I)

How To: Hockey Skate Tutorial  (Episode I)

Vinnie Langdon teaches you how to Hockey Skate for beginners.

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  1. hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to learn about dryland hockey training drills try Skyarza Hockey Coaching Star ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my neighbor got great success with it.

  2. I have a question do you have to have an instructor for hockey begginers for hockey skate? or can you just look it up on the internet? because I'm all new at this

  3. LOL! I did two of those from the get go: Stood up straight and constantly looked at my feet. Safe to say it didn't go well …

  4. This video is great and nice,  i just watched this and it looks like im skateing like that but the thing i cant do is stop so im always running in to the wall this really helped

  5. this is a nice video .. i learn so many things from this video .
    Many people can learn Hockey Skate training from this video

  6. So I use figure skates when I go skating. I would say I'm pretty good, I don't fall but I don't do crossovers. How difficult would it be to transition from figure skates to hockey skates? Thanks!

  7. Thank you a bunch!! I am learning how to skate with hockey skates and all my friends n family use figure. This video has helped be a lot!! Thanks!

  8. My teacher gave me a hockey skate but I'm used to skating with Ice skates. Does hockey skates feel different than the ice skate? 

  9. This is a very sufficient Video for learning Hockey,Basically you need to teach to use the inside and outside edges to stop not just turning,Just turning will not make a stop,on your blade you have 2 edges,the inside edge and outside edge,you need to find one of the edges like the inside edge so you go turn and use that edge to dig into the ice.

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