How to homebrew beer

How to homebrew beer

Join me for a brewday where I will be brewing a Christmas Ale in the all-grain method. I am an award-winning homebrewer with 8 years experience. Please let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them.


  1. are any of your grains malted?like the crystal and black malt?boy you sure are nicely set up for mass production there lol so you can cold crash beer and then prime the clarified liquid and get carbonation after 2 weeks in the bottles? so cold crashing will not kill the residual yeast left in the clear liquid?I have had problems trying to sugar prime carbonate some of my white wine or apple wine in the past,even though i left it sit for a month the apple wine was flat and the white kinda worked semi fizzy,do you think carbonation has harder time working on brews that have high % alc like 10 or above as opposed to 5 to 6 % for beers where the yeast might still have some life in it ? i am currently brewing my first batch of beer(made from alternative ingredients and that includes the grains,sweetner and bittering) ,it tastes great so far but im worried about it not carbonating properly in 2 weeks,do you recommend i use say less than a tsp per 450ml bottle i have and put the sugar directly in the bottles or should i warm a bit of the beer and dissolve my sugar(ie fructose) in that then swirl it in the whole batch prior to bottling? i prefer to simply add dry sugar to each bottle then fill will that work fine too?

  2. One thing that I find interesting.  I cannot seem to find an answer to this question:

    When I am running my sugars into my collection bucket, and I am using my grain as a filter, what happens if I use too much water and go over my five gallon brew kettle?

  3. I love your little smile after your first sip. I know that feeling man. After all the hard work you put in and your beer comes out great it's just wonderful to sip on the piece of art you made. Kanpai! (cheers)

  4. Good video, any pointers for a newby. Just starting out. your kit looked quite sophisticated would like to start a brew and have it set up for Christmas.

  5. Good info and I think Ghetto style is fine for some aspects of the brew day. You can save yourself tennis elbow by using a drill and stirrer instead of the skaing bit. I made a stirrer out of a plastic coat hanger and it works 'a treat as the english say.

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