How To Ice Cakes With Acrylics: The Krazy Kool Cakes Way!

How To Ice Cakes With Acrylics: The Krazy Kool Cakes Way!

FAVORITE products used in this tutorial and where to purchase:

8″ Acrylic Boards:

10″ Acrylic Board:

12″ Acrylic Board:

Small 9″ Angled Spatula:

Large 13″ Angled Spatula:

Wilton Turntable:

For icing help, check out my “Perfect Icing Consistencies” tutorial here:

For a WONDERFUL explanation to what recipes I use and in which part of the cake, please follow this link:

Check out my “Caking Essentials” tutorial playlist here:

Online tutorial for this icing by Edna De La Cruz:

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  1. +Krazy Kool Cakes & Designs
    thank you! I watched the video on making your own serving chart. I guess let reword my question, how do your customers know how to cut a 10" cake or bigger "correctly"?? I just started making cakes to sell and haven't done anything bigger than a 9inch. my biggest fear is a client will say it wasn't enough cake I'd their just cutting the cake in huge pieces…. I don't know am I just worrying over nothing? lol

  2. Hi, Laura love the video!! thanks so much it's great that u guys make the time to teach!! is it possible if you can make a video on showing how you cut your cakes or explaining to a customer.

  3. I love your attention to detail and how you explain every little thing you are doing and why you are doing it. OUTSTANDING!!!

  4. how long do you wait to cover your cakes. for some reason when i cover my cold cakes im getting huge bubbles. help what im doing wrong. HELP

  5. Is it ok to use the high ratio icing under fondant? Ive hearrd fondant sticks to butter cream better, but then the high fat ratio is thick to holding up the fondant.

  6. your tutorials are amazing… i've learned so much this evening… so many tricks… and this acrylic technique is blowing my mind!!!!

  7. Where can I find the red-handled scraper that is your favorite, or the brand of it, I want one! I am SO tired of trying to find a good one. Thanks:)

  8. Hi laura the Edna's crusting buttercream recipe has butter in do you omite the butter so the frosting is so white? and do you put extra milk to make it more smooth

  9. HOLA !!! no entiendo mucho ingles para comprar los acrylicos se comparan de la medida del molde por ejemplo uno de 8" compro el acrylico 8 tambien porque asi los compre !!!

  10. Hello Laura, I've been following you for many years and I love all the caking tips you give us on your FB page. I'm really struggling right now from getting over a mishap I've had this past weekend while delivering a massive 2-tiered double barrel cake. During transit a car deliberately merged into our lane causing me to make a swift left turn which caused the cake to shift to the left causing the cake to become lopsided. My cake was ruined but I couldn't make the client a new cake at the last moment so I provided her with 100% money back and apologized over and over again. However, I can't forget the incident and I'm having trouble moving on. Any words of advice would help. Thank you I really appreciate it in advance.

  11. hi Ms Laurapoopie may i ask if the icing used is from the recipe of Ms Edna De La Cruz' crusting buttercream? thanks

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