How to improve ball control like Zlatan Ibrahimovic

How to improve ball control like Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Hello everybody, I want to show you my new video. It’s a different place then normal, this is filmed in the streets of Tunisia. This video is inspired by Zlatan Ibrahimovic and his Taekwando/Karate movements. Practicing different styles of movements will make you a better football player and increase your skills by a lot in a short amount of time. Football and soccer ball control is a result of repetition, make sure to improve your football skills by working on them daily and watching my other tutorial videos.

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  1. here in England the weather is bad n since I try at home since its indoors (ofcourse) my mum don't lemme. the other day I accidentally broke some big mirror in my mums room so she kicked the ball over neighbours in anger due to my continuous ignorance of playing football at home n now my ball is popped n flat n wasn't even good in first place. struggle :/

  2. I love your channel; it really helps me improve my game. I'm trying do play D1 college soccer. I really need help on my technical work, finishing, and good moves that I can use to take on 1 v 1. Any advice? Good luck going pro!

  3. Well the weather her where I'm at is pretty nasty so I'll sadly have to wait till summer to try this. But I just got into to football and still don't have a ball. Better ask Santa Clause for one lol

  4. great video and good job , keep it up broo !!
    but i think mr sadak will not love it at all when he see that hhhhhhh

  5. I don't know why, but your videos are so special. There aren't that many of them, but nonetheless each is gold !

  6. 10 easy to follow levels to drastically improve ball control with just a wall… this is why I am subscribed to you. Keep it up, hope it is going well in Europe! : )

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