How to improve your drawing

How to improve your drawing

youtuber oZlegendZo says his drawing is not improving. Here are some thoughts, of the top of my head, as to what you can do.


  1. In todays world it doesnt matter if you gain the greatest drawing skills ever..If the industry that is waiting at the end of all your endevours is not there..Its extremely difficult even if you have the best talent in the world, to make a career out of illustration.

  2. Rage vs patience. I have to deal with my inpatients if I wanna get my drawings better quicker. So recently I started doing more drawing stuff and often I begin by doing my work with care and put lots of effort. At some point I cannot do it anymore and I start rushing. Even though it ruins the picture every time it shows me how much I achieved and progressed in the past year. I get to compare the results of my effort to the results of inpatience and see how much of a better artist I am. Maybe this is a weird advice or might not even look like one it can help. Just compare yourself trying vs not and see that you are much better at it ;)

  3. One thing I have started doing is tracing the color book images on to better paper, like drawing paper. And I feel it is helping me. Also, just inking the coloring image if it is a light grey from a copier, same as tracing but no light box needed.

  4. i think its odd, i have drawn for a long time, improving along the way but i cant tell why im improving (or how to improve from here) it fells like it just happens without thinking about it.

  5. The problem I have is I keep getting discouraged and stop drawing for a few days then keep coming back and repeating that process, I know this and I can't help but do it.

  6. I think the key to getting better, at least in part, is in being okay with where you are. Improvement in skill tends to happen in bursts, with long plateaus in-between. You can't get past those plateaus without lots of practice, and if you tell yourself you're no good or not getting any better, you won't have fun drawing and you'll be less likely to put in lots of time practicing. If you're having fun, you'll do more work.

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