How to Install a Hydraulic Ram Pump

How to Install a Hydraulic Ram Pump

Let me introduce to you the Hydraulic Ram Pump. Do you have a need to pump water uphill to water a garden, flush toilets, or water pets and livestock? Well you can do it without electricity! I show you how to set up the ram pump and get it operating.

I have an article in Prepare Magazine showing how to build the Hydraulic Ram Pump and how to install it and get it going.

The Ram Pump is a water pump that does not use electricity. It uses a pressure wave of water created by the closing of check valves. A pressure tank is filled with air and allows pressure to push water uphill.

You can buy pre-assembled ram pumps here at Land To House:

Ram Pump Purchase


You can follow the steps to make your own on Land To House here:

Build Ram Pump

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