How to install a laminate floor


  1. This is not the correct way to lay laminate. You always pull baseboard off and leave expansion space. If not when you bring furniture weight into the picture it could cause the floor to buckle. I've witnessed it on a few jobs some fly by night so called contractors have done. The things you do wrong outweigh the things you do rite.

  2. I noticed that you installed this flooring by hooking the short edge T&G first, then tapping the long edge in place. I think you'll find it easier to attach the long edge first, and tap the short connection using a tapping block or a lam-hammer.

  3. Something you forgot to mention was that it is imprtant to cut door jambs with either a jamb saw or fien tool. Cut it to the height of the laminate and then you tap the poece in under it.

  4. I notice that he did NOT remove the molding. Ideally, it should be removed and replaced.. but that involves a LOT of work removing the molding, cleaning it up, buying new molding, putting it on, and having to probably repaint the walls! That could easily be a lot more work and expense than putting the floor in! The biggest challenge I had was cutting a hole in the laminate for the toilet, and also getting the toilet to stop leaking. The toilet only leaked a few drops per day. Unnoticable, except that over time, that would mess up the laminate under the very slow drip. It is amazing how the tiniest amount of water manages to get past every washer and gasket. The instructions on the toilet install kits always say "don't use any sealer", etc. Bullsh**. Ideally, you should not HAVE to use sealer, but in reality, you are going to wind up with a damp spot the size of a quarter on your laminate boards if you don't seal the toilet to go from being 99.999% watertight to 100%.

  5. I could use a closer camera view of the edges, and what happened at the baseboard's edge?  Although It looked as if  you got really close to them, it didn't show how you closed the gaps.   (I have to assume there were gaps left between each edge piece of laminate, and the baseboard.)

  6. Had to laugh because the first time you use the saw you say how important safety glasses are and then you need to recut that same board and forget your safety glasses!

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