How To Install Kitchen Cabinets – Installing Kitchen Cabinets

How To Install Kitchen Cabinets  - Installing Kitchen Cabinets

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How To Install Kitchen Cabinets our entire video series in one video: How To Install Kitchen Cabinets and How to Install Base Cabinets together.Produced by… the fastest cabinet leveling system on the planet! Cabinet Levelers. Installing base cabinets. How to level base cabinets. Leveling base cabinets. Cabinet levelers. Install base cabinets. Installing kitchen cabinets should be easy. Installing kitchen cabinets couldn’t be easier! How to video.


  1. What aGREAT video!! Love it. Great info! Have some questions.. Is the countersink #10 size? And what is the size and length of the screws you used for jointing the cabinets together and screwing to the wall?

  2. I love this video. Great step by step instructions.  I feel like tearing apart my kitchen and putting new cabinets in now.  I was just wondering 1. how to install the crown molding on the cabinets and 2. how to install skirting or whatever its called that goes around the bottom of the upper cabinets for hiding under cabinet lighting and 3. how to install toe kicks . thanks a bunch

  3. Excellent instructional video. I am researching re-doing our kitchen and really want to do it myself. This video makes it seem like tackling this project might not be as difficult as I imagined if I have the right tools and know-how! Thx for taking the time to make this video.

  4. Now that's is a good install. My last boss on his own kitchen said all I needed was  a drill, some screws and a torpedo level to install his kitchen. The EZ system takes care of the problems before there is the problem. I just wish you didn't have to leave the hardware under the base cabinets. 

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