How to Install Laminate Flooring

How to Install Laminate Flooring

This video will cover most of the difficult areas of installing a laminate floor. We start out by removing all the base board,doors,toilet, and floor registers. Then we begin with a straight line and start putting the planks together. You will see that it is not as easy as you have been told and some skills are required.


  1. Great video. I noticed you were using an adhesive between boards in the kitchen. Is this necessary in areas where water may be present?

  2. Great video!
    What brand laminate did you use? Why in some areas you tapped the butt joints together and others you just snapped them down at the butts?

  3. Hy great video. big job and lovely finish. I take it you only glued the small peices of laminate around the door and toilet ect, and jus clicked in the rest of the flooring. what glue did you use? is any adhesive ok

  4. …..hey, it looks like you actually know what you're doing. How refreshing. You should come to my humble abode and do a demo video. Great job SIR!!!

  5. hey Craig Heffernan I noticed you put the laminate over the vinyl… can you do  the same over the tiles? I want to put laminate flooring in my kitchen.. but I have tiles.  can you put laminate floor over existing tiles? or you only can do it over vinyl? thank you..

  6. The parts that were glued – is because it was so close to the sink. Water will lift and warp the laminate boards, and pull the laminate from the wood. Glue helps keep the water from getting under the laminate, and pools up on the surface, which can be wiped up quick.

    The entire bathroom should be done like this from people getting out of the shower, but I would never put laminate floor in a bathroom, even if I were going to glue it. I'd stick to ceramic, or porcelain tile.

  7. After watching a Lot of videos, you guys have definitely the best video that depicts how to install laminate flooring. Thanks so your video I decided to do my whole house with my girlfriend. I do have a quick question. What is the liquid that you put in the joints ? Is it glue? Or some type of caulking to make it water resistant? as you only put it in the kitchen. I will appreciate if you can suggest me a brand name as the one that you show in the video is great. I am install a laminate flooring call "casa essentials collection" 15 mm. Once again your video is super awesome ! Thanks!

  8. Ques. In front of sink area after snapping a line and running a few rows ,you can actually work backwards to install rows toward the sink?  Well done video!

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